A RECRUITMENT drive is being launched to combat chain-smoking, boozy, overweight couch potatoes.

Anglian Community Enterprise, which runs health services in Tendring, is looking for people to become health champions and help people with their get-fit New Year's resolutions.

The areas they aim to tackle include smoking, low levels of physical activity, alcohol consumption, obesity, mental health and long-term medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Spokesman Sue Felgate said: “The health trainer service aims to support people, particularly those who do not access health services regularly or those who struggle to manage their lifestyle or long-term conditions to make healthier choices and adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Our volunteer health champions play a very key role in this and, in the past five years, we have trained 650 people.

“We are not looking for super-fit personal trainer types synonymous with gyms.

“No formal qualifications are needed and no specialist knowledge in any one area of health or fitness is required.

“What we are looking for are enthusiastic, motivated people who are willing to undertake a robust training programme and then engage with individuals in their community to improve their health and well-being.”

For details contact Tricia Cox on 0843 507 3647.