THE outgoing boss at Colchester’s hospital trust has not been given a “golden handshake” to leave her current job.

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust announced on Monday Sue Barnett, acting chief executive, will leave her post.

She took on the role after Dr Gordon Coutts quit three weeks ago, a day before an NHS England report labelled the hospital’s cancer services unsafe.

Ms Barnett will be leaving in mid-March to “explore new opportunities outside of the trust”.

A trust spokesman said: “Sue Barnett has given three months’ notice, she is resigning so there is no question of a pay-out.”

At the same time, it has announced Kim Hodgson has been appointed its interim chief executive.

She will start the role on Monday.

Ms Hodgson previously held the position of Chief Executive for East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust but was “paid off” £175,000 in 2010 - despite not working her notice.

For the last three years, she has worked continuously with the NHS specialising in “medical productivity and service improvement.”

Most recently she has worked for Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

However the Colchester trust spokesman confirmed will not be getting a “golden handshake” from her current job either as she works on a contract by contract basis for the NHS.