A RISING number of HGV drivers have been caught driving for too long.

The heavy goods vehicles cause carnage when out of control meaning strict regulations are in place to ensure adequate rest breaks are taken.

These are being broken daily in Essex, according to Essex Police’s casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe.

In 2012 there were 109 offences caught.

This rose 50 per cent to 153 in 2013 but every day police officers check HGVs they find many taking too many risks with their and other people’s lives.

Mr Pipe said: “If we take an eight hour period and do checks we will find this happening.

“It is every day.

“We are finding more because we are doing more checks.

“Some of the most serious road traffic collisions have involved HGVs driving while tired. It is really important we stop this.”

There have been suggestions employers force drivers to keep going and treat fines like a business expense and Mr Pipe wants to see European regulations to tackle the problem across borders.

Mr Pipe said: “We have had drivers who want to be caught because they are shattered, hanging out of cabs.

“They are being made to drive.

“It is very dangerous.”