A CRIME-FIGHTING charity visited Clacton as part of a campaign to help prevent burglaries.

Crimestoppers has launched its Beat the Burglar campaign to encourage residents to report any information they know about break-ins.

The charity offers cash rewards for information leading to a successful arrest and charge, while allowing informants to remain anonymous.

They set up shop in Clacton today as part of a tour around Essex to spread the word about the service.

Crimestoppers regional manager Ann Scott said: “People often ask why someone would not contact police if they knew about a burglary or someone handling stolen goods.

“Sometimes the offer of a reward can bring someone forward, but generally it’s the sense of wanting to make their community safer without having to reveal their identity.

“If a criminal is operating down your street it can be a real concern for people that the criminal might find out what they have done.

“Crimestoppers removes that concern and gives people peace of mind.”

The appeal follows a police crackdown on burglaries in the area and was funded through Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston.

People can report information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.