AN eye-catching pink poodle helped collectors raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Poppy the poodle’s fur was dyed pink by owner and dog groomer Francesca Rawlings for a charity drive.

And the pooch became the star attraction as Francesca and friends set up at various locations in Clacton to collect cash from passers-by for Cancer Research.

They paraded Poppy and the collection buckets through the town centre and outside supermarkets in Clacton.

Francesca said: “I know people who have passed away from cancer and wanted to do something to help the charity.

“We came up with the idea to dye Poppy because we thought it would help us raise awareness of the cause.

“It worked and we got lots of people talking to us and donating.

“I still need to count it up but we collected more than £200 on the day. I was chuffed with that.”