MENTAL health service bosses say they have learnt a lesson and taken action after a woman committed suicide following a computer system mistake.

Marie Natalie Piner, 36, of Meredith Road in Clacton, was found dead in her car in December.

Mrs Piner struggled with depression and the death was ruled a suicide by drug overdose at an inquest.

But concerns were raised over a computer system blunder which meant she did not get help she needed in the weeks leading up to her death.

Just weeks before her body was found, Mrs Piner overdosed and was rushed to intensive care at Colchester General Hospital.

But an assessor discharged her after a mental health assessment.

He was unaware of her extensive history of depression after using a miss-spelt name when searching for any past records on the service’s database.

A spokesman for the North Essex Partnership health provider said the mistake was made at the point of referral.

The search feature on the computer system has now been improved to prevent similar errors.

The spokesman said: “Unfortunately the information received when Mrs Piner was referred to our services, and disclosed by Mrs Piner herself, was not completely accurate which meant we were unaware at that point of her previous psychiatric history.

“We regret that this had an effect on the subsequent treatment we provided in agreement with Mrs Piner at the conclusion of our assessment.

“We can always learn from experiences such as these and have systems in place to help reduce the risk of something similar happening again.

“We sympathise with the family at this difficult time and will continue to offer support and work with them.”