A MAN has warned Clacton residents not to be taken in by a computer scam sweeping the area.

Victor Knapp, 67, of Ferndale Close in Clacton, received a call from the scammers last week.

They attempted to trick him into giving them remote control over his computer so they could clean it up and fix any faults.

He said: “They said they were from the computer centre and that my computer was running slowly.

“They asked for my details and said they had been put onto me by my service provider.”

Mr Knapp gave them remote access to his computer, but after consulting with a computer-savvy friend he shut his machine down straight away.

He added: “My friend told me to shut everything down straight away and I did before anything bad could happen.

“I felt a bit foolish at the time and I was going to stay quiet about it. But then I spoke to someone else in Clacton and he had had a similar call.

“I really want to warn other people about this so no one become a victim."