A RETIRED Clacton teacher is back volunteering in the classroom despite suffering a serious stroke.

At first George Senk was unable to eat or speak after suffering the stroke in January 2012.

His mobility down his left side was also severely affected.

But with the help of a special stroke service he is now able to volunteer at his old school Holland Haven, helping with sports coaching and school trips.

Mr Senk’s recovery was boosted by an early discharge service run by the Anglian Community Enterprise, which gives stroke victims intensive rehab in their own homes.

George, of Clacton said: “After I had my stroke, I spent three weeks in hospital where the consultants were marvellous.

“It was then suggested that I was suitable for an early discharge and was then looked after by a team of physios and therapists of whom I can’t speak highly enough.

“I’ve had intensive help in my own home environment with my mobility and, particularly, my speech.

“I now feel fully recovered but could never have got to where I am without the support of that wonderful team and my family, particularly my wife Morag.

“After spending 14 year at the school, it’s great to be back there helping out on a voluntary basis.”