A WALTON councillor is fighting against plans for a million-pound visitor centre at Walton Naze.

Plans for the centre have been launched by Essex Wildlife Trust for the centre which has been designed to showcase the landmark.

But town and district councillor Delyth Miles, who lives near the Naze site, has raised major concerns over the scheme.

She says she has been inundated with messages from worried residents.

Mrs Miles said: “I have some serious concerns about the scheme and have been contacted by a lot of local residents who are also worried by it.

“We have spent £1.2million recently protecting the Naze and now we’re just planning to build across it.

“The traffic up to the Naze is already horrendous, particularly in the summer months. I have serious concerns about whether we can take any more."

Mrs Miles has written to the chief executives of Tendring Council and Essex Wildlife Trust in a bid to halt the scheme.

Despite councillor Miles’ objection, the plans for the centre were well received at public consultations.

Claire Cadman, project manager for Essex Wildlife Trust said: “A lot of work has gone into this scheme.

“We at the Essex Wildlife Trust believe it is a very positive project and will have a great impact on local people and businesses.”