A WALTON councillor has warned dog owners to clean up after their pets.

John Halls has been flooded with people at the Walton Community Project office complaining about piles of dog muck on the streets.

He said: “I have had several people in here, at least one a day, saying they have had near misses or trodden in the mess.

“It has become a huge problem for us and something has got to be done.

“There is no shortage of bins but some dog owners are acting very irresponsibly.

“I walked to the bank recently and had to keep my eyes glued to the pavement because there is so much of this muck around at the moment. It’s everywhere.

“We have got dog wardens who act if they see this happening, but they cover a large area.

“If dog owners can’t take care of their dogs properly and clean up after them like they should then they shouldn’t have them.”

Mr Halls has urged people to report anyone seen leaving dog mess on the streets to the project office or the Tendring dog wardens.