POLICE chiefs have confirmed community support officers would be cut if councils withdraw part of the funding.

A member of the police and crime panel asked the top cops if police could take more of the financial strain of PCSOs after raising council tax for the police precept.

Essex Chief Constable Jim Barker-McCardle said: “The position with PCSOs is if partners withdraw the funding we are not able to make good the funding.”

PCSOs covering the Frinton and Walton areas are part funded by the town council.

But mayor Mark Cossens said the town council is committed to keeping its officers in the area.

He said: “The people in our area like to see the reassuring presence of our PCSOs on the streets.

“I think they are having a positive impact on crime in the area and I certainly think they help to keep the crime numbers low here.

“The decision for us to pay for them was the right one and they are a great asset to our towns.”

The town council pays half of the £258,000 bill for its eight community support officers.