FRUSTRATED drivers in Walton are battling for resident-only parking outside their homes in a bid to change the current parking nightmare.

West Street residents say they are constantly forced to find parking spots across the town because the spaces outside their houses are filled by visitors.

They want regulations put in place to restrict parking in the area.

Michael Fuller, of West Street said: “It is a terrible situation on our road. We get people from the church, tourists, and just people wanting to go into the town, all filling up our spaces.

“Every time someone leaves there is a mad scramble. There is always someone hovering waiting to jump into a space.

“It is an impossible situation. It is quite stressful and often leaves us parking halfway across the town.”

Residents say the surrounding roads, particularly Martello Road and Church Road, are also problematic.

They have now met with representatives from Tendring Council to talk about their concerns.

Mr Fuller added: “It went quite well. We discussed the parking problems and they were very interested in what we had to say.

“It could take a long time to get regulations put into place. We know that, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.”