RESIDENTS were left stranded in their homes at the bottom of a Frinton hill due to the snowy weather.

The steeply sloped section of Holland Road between Second Avenue and Frinton Tennis Club was left in a perilous condition by the freezing weather.

Residents in the houses and flats at the bottom of the hill were left stranded, unable to get up the untreated paths.

Town councillors Iris and Brian Johnson went to help grit the pavements, but have called for other councils to do more to help.

Iris said: “I phoned Tendring Council to see if they would be treating it and was told to deal with highways at Essex County Council.

“It seemed that no one was taking responsibility for the side roads.

“There are lots of people living along that road, some of them elderly or vulnerable, unable to get out for several days because of the conditions.”

Frinton and Walton Town Council ordered its own supply of grit earlier in the winter.

Mrs Johnson helped to spread some of it along Holland Road on Monday.

Tendring Council technical services boss Nick Turner, who also lives in Frinton, said council staff had been working hard to spread grit where they could.

He said: “I went out to treat the paths with grit from the Tendring Council supply as soon as I was made aware of the issues there.

“We have a very flexible work force at Tendring Council which has been doing a good job of gritting where it’s needed during the snowy period.”