THE future of a Victoria Cross medal belonging to the people of Walton is set to be decided.

The VC medal, the highest military decoration for valour, was awarded to Walton man Herbert Columbine posthumously after his heroic First World War exploits.

Private Columbine held enemy soldiers at bay for four hours in France, allowing his fellow soldiers to escape before being gunned down by the enemy.

His medal was presented to his mother, who donated it to the people of Walton before she left the town in 1920.

Three trustees were appointed to take responsibility for the medal.

The Victoria Cross has been sat in a Frinton bank vault for decades.

John Halls, who has been a trustee since the 1960s said: “I will be meeting with the other two trustees in January and we will make a decision about what to do with it.

“I would certainly like to see it on show somewhere so the public can see it and children can be inspired by the story.

“It was never ideal having it locked away but it was necessary due to the high insurance costs." 

The medal is thought to be worth more than £100,000.