RESIDENTS have been urged to do their bit in clearing snow from the streets to stop them becoming compacted icy hazards.

After the first flurry of the snow this year town councillors have appealed for residents in Frinton, Walton and the surrounding villages to help clear snow near their homes.

Last year some sections of paths went un-cleared and became hazardous.

Mayor Mark Cossens said: “Over past years we have had periods during the winter when the temperature drops below freezing and we get a lot of snow.

“The problem is when the snow isn’t cleared it becomes compacted and turns into solid ice, which can be a real menace.

“If everybody does their little bit like they used to in the past we can avoid that sort of trouble this year.

“We are just talking about the paths outside homes. It would not be a big job, but if everybody takes a little responsibility our paths will be much safer.”

The town council has taken a delivery of one tonne of salt to help keep the paths clear.

If anyone wants salt to help keep public paths clear they can contact the town council.