A COUNCIL has called for a national referendum over leaving the European Union.

Tendring Council has backed a motion which says people should be given a simple yes or no vote during the next parliament over remaining in the EU.

The motion was put forward by Tory councillor Peter Halliday.

Opposition Labour councillor Ivan Henderson claimed the motion had been put forward by Conservative councillors because they were scared of losing votes to UKIP in county council elections next year.

But Conservative Nick Turner said: “I have yet to see of know of one single rule, request, demand, law or dictate that has enhanced my life since joining the common market that has now become the EU.

“The reality is the exact opposite - everything from and because of Europe has detracted and complicated my life and made it more difficult.”

Tendring First’s Tom Howard hit out at the motion, claiming the council had no say over Europe and the time could have been spent debating local issues.