A DERELICT house branded as an “eyesore” after being abandoned by its owner is set to be bought by a concerned council.

Tendring Council has spent more than £15,000 over the past 12 years trying to keep the detached house in Berkeley Road, Clacton, secure.

After repeated attempts to contact the London-based owner failed, the council will spend tens of thousands of pounds on a compulsory purchase in order to turn it back into a family home.

Neighbours say the property has been used by squatters for numerous years and that there have been fires there, leading to floors and the roof on an extension collapsing.

Paul Honeywood, cabinet member for housing, said residents who are fed up with the state of the site and that it is affecting their quality of life.

“Our aim is to buy, renovate and repair the property and get local people living in there that are currently on the housing register,” he said.

“The money required to carry out the purchase will come from Section 106 money received from developers as part of their planning permission.”

The council is preparing a compulsory purchase order that will be sent to the Government. If agreed to by the secretary of state it will open the way for the council to buy the house.