A MAN targeted by two different phone scammers in a week has warned others to be wary.

Terry Davis, of Freshwater Lane in Great Clacton, was contacted by a caller claiming to be from computer company Microsoft last week.

He said: “They phoned asking about my computer, which had been slowing up at the time.

“They convinced me to allow them remote access to the computer, but eventually I smelled a rat and cut them off.

“I took my computer to a shop and they cleaned it up for me. One of the men there said there have been other instances of this happening recently.”

Mr Davis was contacted by another company a few days later, and was asked to hand over his details.

He refused and asked for their telephone number so he could phone them back and prove they were genuine – at which point the scammers disconnected.

He added: “With two in quick succession like that it seems to me these people are targeting people in this area."