A BODYBUILDER from Walton travelled to Spain to pit his body against the best.

Shaun Corcoran, who runs Guns Fun and Camouflage on High Street, Walton, competes in the bodybuilding contests alongside his day job.

But he was invited to the Spanish championship last week and put on an impressive showing against full-time pros.

He finished fifth out of 50 competitors.

The only Englishman in the contest, Shaun said: “I got a special invite to the competition through my trainer.

“It was an amazing experience. I was treated like a celebrity out there and had people coming up to me asking for autographs all the time.

“The only guys who beat me are people who do this for a living, and are able to train all day every day.

“To compete with them was an incredible feeling and I’m really proud of how well I did.”