A DARING teacher who is terrified of heights inched along a swaying rope bridge over a gaping chasm to raise cash for a new school library.

Jacquie Chaplin, who teaches at Walton’s Hamford Primary Academy, vowed to confront her phobia on a visit to Northern Ireland to support the library fund.

She challenged herself to cross the rope bridge, which links the mainland to Carrick-a- Reade Island.

The bridge spans a 20-metre chasm and has a 23-metre drop to the water and rocks below.

Jacquie completed the nervewracking challenge on Sunday and will collect almost £400 in sponsorship cash when she returns.

The school has been raising money for a new library for several months after outgrowing its current facility.

Katherine Aiken, who is leading the library campaign, said: “We are all incredibly proud of her for doing this."

The library fund grand total is now at nearly £12,000. Once the school hits the £20,000 mark, work will start on laying the library’s foundations.