THE mayor of Frinton and Walton will continue in the hot seat for another year.

Veteran councillor Iris Johnson has acted as mayor of Frinton and Walton Town Council for the past 12 months.

Ordinarily the mayor would stand down at the end of their one-year term, with the deputy mayor taking the position in most cases.

But at the town council’s annual mayor-making ceremony, current deputy mayor Jack Robertson nominated Mrs Johnson to keep the position for the next year.

Mrs Johnson said: “It is a pleasure and an honour to accept the position of mayor again this year.

“There are an awful lot of important issues on the agenda for this council, this year and further into the future.”

Mrs Johnson listed the future of the area’s PCSOs among the top issues currently facing the town council.

The mayor nominated Jack Robertson to continue in his role as deputy mayor for the next year.

Conservative councillor Alec Moss was also nominated to take over the role, but Mr Robertson kept his seat after a secret ballot.