MORE than 650 drivers have been stopped on the A12 since a new safety campaign was launched.

Operation Excellence was launched on March 1 and so far 422 people have been stopped for speeding - with some topping 100mph.

In addition, 100 people have been stopped for using mobile phones while driving, 67 people were stopped for not wearing seat belts and 46 were seen tailgating or other forms of careless driving.

Five drivers were found to be uninsured, 12 vehicles had invalid MOTs, one driver was arrested for driving while disqualified, another for dangerous driving and one for drink-driving.

As part of the operation, officers are conducting patrols along the A12, targeting inconsiderate driving, tailgating and speeding in a bid to cut accidents.

Last year, there were 128 collisions and three fatalities on the road, which connects Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.